Released – May 14, 2017

Grand Prix de Mud – Mohawk Inn, Campbellville, Ontario  Sunday, June 11, 2017 – schedule and entry fees to follow!




RELEASED – February 5, 2017

Grand Prix de Mud 2017

Date announced – join us for the 2017 GPDM at the Mohawk Inn – Sunday,  June 11th, 2017  – stay tuned for more information coming soon.

Mohawk Inn, Campbellville, Ontario (just west of Toronto) – Grass Track Scrambles – Vintage Bike Display – Trials Obstacles – Enduro Section – Fun time had by all!!!










Released June 17/2016– Important Info on GPDM

GPDM Schedule – tentative – Saturday June 25th

7:30 am to 9:00 am sign-in for Trials classes

8:00 am to 9:45 am sign-in for Vintage Racing and Trials classes

8:45 AM – Trials Riders Meeting (with Grass Scrambles overview)

9:45 AM – Grass Scrambles  (MX)  Riders Meeting

10:00 am to 10:30 am  – open practice MX (limited number of bikes on the track at a time)

10:30 am to 12:30 pm –  first Grass Scrambles (MX) moto – see MX classes

12:30 to 1:30 pm  – lunch break

1:30 PM – Cross Country Riders Meeting – directly followed by Sighting lap (1:45 PM)

2:00 pm to 3:00 pm  – Cross country event

3:15 pm to 5:15 pm  – Second SCRAMBLES (MX) heats Vintage mini bike race

6:00 – Race Awards – at the patio

NO SPECTATORS FEE   CLASS FEE (EACH)  $25.00 MX/Cross Country     Trials  $10.00 per class   Mini bike $5.00

Update June 14, 2016


Grass Track Scramble (MX)

  1. Vintage/Classic – all Pre 75
  2. Heritage  “76 to ’81 –  PLUS 40 age of rider
  3. Heritage “76 to ’81 – UNDER 40 age of rider
  4. Open Class  ’81 – modern

Cross Country

  1. Vintage/Classic  Pre-75
  2. Open Class 1982 to Modern

Mini Bike Race

  1. Mini Bike – Small Wheel
  2. Mini Bike – Big Wheel


  1. Vintage A
  2. Vintage B
  3. Vintage C Thumper
  4. Women’s
  5. Sportsman’s C
  6. Modern A
  7. Youth C

DETAILED SCHEDULE TO COME SHORTLY  registration link below for both dinner and classes  – its going to be a busy day so please preregister.   thanks

Update: June 4, 2016

On line registration now available for the 2016 Grand Prix de Mud – savings to be had if you register prior to the event – see link below

click this link to get more info      Grand Prix de Mud 2016 ON LINE registration


Update: March 16, 2016




Update: January 16, 2016

2016 Grand Prix de Mud date announced – join us for the 2016 GPDM at the Mohawk Inn – Saturday, June 25th, 2016  (Friday, June 24th, 2016 evening event to be offered) – stay tuned for more information coming soon.




Update: September 18th

Traction ERag write up on the GPDM  use the following link   GPDM ERAG


Update September 12th

The results from the GPDM – please note if there is x beside your name we have your plaque (the remainder were awarded at the event presentation) and we will be handing out plaques from this race at the Gopher Dunes Vintage Race event on October 4th after the Vintage Race!

GPDM Race Results!!

Classic MX – Grass Scrambles
1st place #48 Grant Nixon – (CZ) x

Vintage MX – Grass Scrambles 
1st place #94z Randy Zuest 
2nd place #36 Brian Zuest 
3rd place # 73 Jason Messingberd x

Heritage MX – Grass Scrambles
1st place #308 Robin Reimer x
2nd place #1 Stuart Davidson x
3rd place #49 Scott Smith x

Open MX – Grass Scrambles
1st place #8x  Dick Burleson 
2nd place #58John Jarvie x
3rd place #116 Victoria Hett

Vintage Cross Country
1st place #94z Randy Zuest
2nd place #36 Brian Zuest
3rd place #R20 Gary Richy x

Heritage Cross Country
1st place #82 Brad Braedon x
2nd place #5  Clinton Sine x
3rd place #7 Kevin Burnett

Open Cross Country
1st place #8x Dick Burleson
2nd place #539 Nick Caldwell
3rd place #116 Victoria Hett

Big Wheel
1st place #7 Phil Schilling
Small Wheel
1st place #131 Matt Chambers
Class Runnerup – #11 Bill Petro


Update June 30th

A great weekend had by all at the Grand Prix de Mud…and mud it was!   use our link to view the several hundred race photos taken at the event!  and click on the second link to view the awesome video Bellistic Films created from the event…thanks Mike and Michelle…..stay tuned for further updates!


Check out more photos by Bellistic Films   –  Mike and Michelle Bell did an awesome job…

click here for more photos ….      Grand Prix de Mud Photos by Bellistic Films

Click here for the Video  GP DE MUD!!!   by Bellistic Films






Update June 25, 2015

Looking for eats at the event…no problem we have you covered.

Lunch $10 includes choice of hot dog, burger, or sausage including fries and soft drink  serving at approximately noon limited time tba

Dinner $20 includes choice of chicken or steak includes two salads, fries and soft drink serving at approximately 5:30 limited time tba

Tickets will be sold at the event.



Released June 13, 2015 – Important Info on GPDM

GPDM Schedule – tentative

Saturday June 27th8:00 am to 10:00 am sign-in on Vintage Racing including MX/Cross Country and Trials classes
9:45 AM – Scrambles/MX  Riders Meeting
10:00 am to 10:15 am  – open practise (limited number of bikes on the track at a time)
10:30 am to 12:00pm –  first SCRAMBLES (MX) motos – see MX classes12:00 to 1:00 pm  – lunch break
1:00 PM – Cross Country Riders Meeting – directly followed by Sighting lap (1:15 PM)
1:30pm to 2:30 pm  – Cross country event3:00 pm to 4:30 pm  – Second SCRAMBLES (MX) heats and Grand Prix final and Vintage mini bike race4:30 to 6:00 – Break to get cleaned up6:00pm  to 7:00 pm – Race Awards – at the patio
7:00 pm  –  BBQ dinner on patio and back lawn.
8:00 pm – Specialty awards and Dick Burleson’s presentation
9:00pm – Social all night…GPDM Race Classes – see entry fees below in May 21st updateVintage MX  – two heats – collective points based on position
“Classic” 1970 and Older
“Vintage”  1971 to 1975″
“Heritage” 1976 to 1983
“Open Class”  All age bikesCross Country  – Timed
“Classic” 1970 and Older
“Vintage”  1971 to 1975
“Heritage” 1976 to 1983
“Open Class”  All age bikesTrials – TBAVintage Mini Bikes (pre 1980) – 1 heat only
“Small Wheel”
“Big Wheel” (Spokes – 100cc cap)Specialty AwardsPeople’s Choice Awards – All bikes   – Vote for your favourite!!
Most Original
Best Enduro Bike
Best Trials Bike
Best Classic Bike MX
Best Vintage Bike MX
Best Heritage Bike MX
Best Retro Gear
Combined Age Award (year of bike and rider)
Lawrence Hacking Choice Award


Released May 21, 2015    IMPORTANT INFO GPDM!


Mohawk Inn/KOA are happy to offer the Grand Prix de Mud participants 10% off at the Toronto West KOA on Deluxe Cabins, Camping Cabins, RV Sites and tent sites ($40.00 to $60.00 for full service site). When making their booking whether in person on the phone or via email please have them reference the Grand Prix de Mud. At the Mohawk Inn, we are offering the discounted room rate of $109 + hst. Again, they just need to reference the Grand Prix de Mud to receive this special rate.   Please call Mohawk directly for more information


1. Classics 1970 and older

2. Vintage 1971 to 1975

3. Open class all age bikes

4. Minis for adults

5 Cross Country

6.  Trials   Classes TBA

Everyone is welcome Saturday, June 27th Signin is at 8 am. – Riders meeting at 9 am…entry fees are just being finalized but looks like Scrambles is $20 first class, $15 for second, $10 for the third including cross country. Cross country only is $20 Trials $10.00 …no license required, no gate fees, swap meet.


May 19th, 2015…..just released regarding the Grand Prix de Mud!

The Grand Prix de Mud is a unique stand-alone event that came to be for different reasons, the main one is the originator, Lawrence Hacking loves vintage motorcycles and the people who ride them. As an event promoter and long-time motorcycle racer the GPdM was a natural fit.

When asked about the philosophy behind the GPdM Hacking responded: “ Vintage motocross bikes are things of beauty and they represent the Golden Era of racing, riding them on a modern motocross track does’t do the bikes or the sport justice. Often the bikes look slow and dated, that erodes the mystique of the past. The Grand Prix de Mud scrambles track is freshly-mowed grass like days gone by. Some people restore the vintage bikes to perfection and it is a shame to ride them on really rough tracks in abrasive dirt. Also many of the older guys are not in the shape that they used to be. The grass track is easy, safe and not tiring, we will have short motos in order to give the guys a chance to squeeze into their leathers and re-live the past even if it is once a year. For spectators which are admitted free, the GPdM is a chance to see and hear these glorious bikes being ridden in their natural habitat.”

The GPdM is for vintage dirt bikers but everyone is welcome, the concept is very simple, the event is a mainly a social event with a riding component, there a many vintage guys who like to socialize and ride together in a friendly environment. The owners of the Mohawk Inn, Shawn and Bridget Saulnier, shared the vision and were open to the idea to use their facilities to stage the first GPdM on Saturday, June 27.

As news broke about the GPdM many other key people became involved, the crew from Sasquatch Cycle jumped onboard first followed by the Southwestern Ontario vintage Trials Group, then the Brantford-based shop Dualsport Plus agreed to provide support. The kicker was, Bill Petro, renowned racing photographer and promoter of the Legends of Canadian Motocross initiative agreed bring his display of incredible historic photographs to the events and encourage past champions such as Glen Nicholson, Doug Hoover and Jay Kimber to make appearances.

One phone call and a few emails was all it took to secure title sponsorship from Husqvarna Canada. This provided the means necessary to bring in two legendary special guests: 8-time AMA National Enduro Champion Dick Burleson and multi-time hill-climb World Champion John Williams. Both luminaries still ride and are true ambassadors for the sport of motorcycling.

Additional support for the GPdM is provided by Mefo Tires, Motonation Canada and the exclusive media sponsor is Motocross Performance Magazine.


For details about the GPdM see



Lawrence Hacking’s Grand Prix De Mud –  Saturday, June 27, 2015 sponsored by Husqvarna and presented by Sasquatch Vintage Racing and Dualsport Plus